Teads Traffic Acquisition

Quality Traffic to find New Customers

Drive quality traffic to your site through our unique traffic acquisition solutions focused on eliminating wastage and driving incrementality. Powered by our proprietary AI, Teads optimizes towards qualified visits by serving your message to those most likely to engage & generate a low bounce rate, multiple pages viewed & high time spent per session. Reaching consumers in quality, brand-safe, viewable-by-design environments to drive qualified traffic to an advertiser’s site using formats built for performance.

Viewable-by-design, built for Performance

(Average in 2021)
vs 46% Display
IAB formats

Solve in audience duplication industry issue to maximize your brand consideration

Teads can guarantee that your visitors are incremental to any other traffic sources during 30 days rolling period while focusing on finding the most engaged users to ensure the highest impact for your campaign.

Quality performance outcomes are built upon quality publishers

As a “curated internet,” Teads platform offers exclusive and direct integrations with the world’s best publishers, offering quality scale and outcome transparency.

Optimized towards
Quality Traffic

Teads Traffic Acquisition powerful AI will ensure to deliver your campaigns only towards the most highly engaged users to drive quality visitors to generate a low bounce rate, multiple pages viewed & high time spent per session – leading to better campaign results.

Improved Creatives Performances

Teads Automated Creative Optimization technology will allow you to frictionlessly generate variations of your creatives & will choose when its best to deliver each to get the highest performances, save you time on A/B Testings & to extend you campaigns’ ads life.

Success Story

L'Oreal Logo
At L’Oréal we want to be able to offer a perfect choice of brands for all types of consumer needs and desires and for all beauty dreams all around the world. To achieve this, we need to be present in the most relevant channels and at the right moments. For the last three years, since we started working with Teads, we have been able to deliver strong results in both our awareness and performance campaigns and inform our marketing decisions based on relevant insights and a diverse range of studies provided by their team. I really appreciate the value of having a partner to achieve our goals.
Kim Dirckx