Teads for Publishers Suite

The only advertising solution 100% dedicated to professionally-produced content

Teads for Publishers Suite is the best-in-class, comprehensive, self-serve solution optimized for in-article advertising.

In-article placements are at the core of your reader’s attention and offer the most optimum real estate on publisher properties to reach premium audiences. To guarantee premium advertisers receive the most return from this unique communication opportunity, Teads has built an industry-leading technology platform that heavily capitalizes large-scale machine learning optimization and over 10 years of experience from our global team of sellers.

With the Teads for Publishers Suite, publishers can leverage these same technologies and knowledge to power their own direct sales business and reach new heights of monetization for their content.

The right ad experience: Simply built, attention-grabbing creatives

In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by intrusive advertising messages, having the right creative is essential to building a trustful relationship with brands while guaranteeing a respectful, non hindered reading experience.

Teads Studio brings a ready-to-use catalogue of templated formats to ensure each of your direct-sold campaigns drives the right KPIs. Create and deploy beautiful, attention-grabbing and outcome-driven creatives in just a few clicks from basic advertiser assets.

The right audienceand context: Complete in-house targeting capabilities at scale

Making sure we match the advertiser messaging with the most relevant audience is paramount when monetizing high-quality inventory such as editorial content.

At Teads, we have built a unique, cookieless-ready, contextual & audience targeting solution built specifically to boost publishers direct-sold. Target the right audience with scale, accuracy, and quality right from the TFP Suite.

The right sales model: Sell KPI-optimized, advertiser-centric campaigns

Go beyond CPM sales and offer your advertisers advanced sales models that actually drive KPIs, which support their business models.

Teads continues to innovate, with the creation of outcome-driven sales models (CPCV, vCPM) that are optimized through AI. Combined with our state-of-the-art Teads Studio creative optimizations, each campaign is guaranteed the strongest possible results.

Seamless integration of your entire inventory

TFP supports all inventory types – Web, AMP, Mobile Apps.

In-article advertising doesn’t have to be hard – TFP Suite is the best-in-class tech solution to bring editorial content monetization to the next level.