Brand Safety & Takedown Policy

Teads is fully committed to providing a brand-safe marketplace that advertisers can trust. We have a multi-layered approach to ensure the safety and quality of our campaign delivery across the Teads inventory. The steps taken are outlined below.

Publisher onboarding process

The Teads publisher team is our first line of defense. We are protective of our premium marketplace and thus have strict terms and conditions that publishers have to meet in order to be approved as a Teads inventory source.

We have direct integrations with publishers and Teads’ Account Managers are tasked with monitoring the publishers’ property or properties to ensure the content adheres to our guidelines.

Brand Safety Policy

Using contextual analysis technology, we have 11 brand safety channels that are negatively targeted by default on all campaigns that Teads manages directly. These include:

  1. Adult
  2. Arms
  3. Crime
  4. Death & injury
  5. Download
  6. Drugs
  7. Hate speech
  8. Military
  9. Obscenity
  10. Terrorism
  11. Tobacco

We can replicate a similar targeting for campaigns managed by the clients (programmatic PMPs) at their request.

Each channel consists of keywords that are associated to that content, updated regularly, and are used to scan the keywords inside each article to determine the context of the page.

Content Verification

We conduct global audits with market leaders in online media verification multiples times a year to ensure the quality of our global marketplace.

Our campaigns can host 3rd party verification tags to allow advertisers to have an independent auditor to validate the quality of our network.

Takedown policy

If a presumed brand safety breach has occurred and Teads is notified in writing (please get in touch with your point of contact) during weekdays, Teads will take down the misplaced ad within 24h local time; if the written notification is received during weekends or holidays, Teads will take down the misplaced ad by 12pm local time on the following business day.

Self-serve publishers are able to pause the delivery of the ads by logging onto the Teads Publisher Suite platform.

Last update: June 2019