Clean Advertising

The advertising industry is being dirtied by a lack of trust and transparency, non-viewable ads, brand safety concerns and cluttered ad experiences. It’s not too late to take a stand and improve the advertising experience for consumers, advertisers, and publishers alike.

There are a few immediate steps the industry can take towards creating a better, cleaner advertising ecosystem: ensure viewability, demand brand safety and wipe out fraud.

Require Brand Safety

Brand safety should be at the core of every campaign. Advertisers should have confidence that their ads are being displayed in high-quality, brand-safe environments.
At Teads, we use keyword filtering in order to ensure that advertisers ads are always placed within brand-safe environments.

Teads' Viewability On Completion

We go beyond ordinary viewability standards and ensure ads are always seen.
Teads’ 2 sec.
in-view rate
11.5% increase over Moat industry benchmark
Teads' viewability
on completion
32.5% increase over Moat industry benchmark

Source: Moat, 2019

Eliminate Fraud

Integrate with major third-party verifiers such as IAS, Moat and Double Verify to identify bots and ensure your ads are seen by real consumers.
Ad Fraud

Source: DoubleVerify, 2019

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