Teads Ad Manager

Empowering advertisers with the world’s only cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) programmatic buying platform.

buying interface

Highest priority access to Teads inventory


A Performance Auction Marketplace

Introducing performance-based pricing to Programmatic buyers with vCPM and CPCV

Viewable* Cost Per Thousand for Display

* MRC viewability standard

Viewable* Cost Per Thousand for Video

* MRC viewability standard
15s - 30s

Cost Per Completed View


Improved Scale

Reduce VAST errors

100% data match rate *Compared to DSP average of 60-70%

Data Solutions

Reach your target audience with your data or third party data accessible with Teads DMP through Oracle and Nielsen.

We also analyse user content consumption across publisher sites : you can leverage the resulting interest graph to improve your targeting.

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